Discovering purpose

Discovering Purpose : Questions! Questions! Questions!

Going through life and reminiscing on the different stages I’ve come through. I see that I’ve had struggles, defeats and victories.
Life indeed is a journey, a battle and a race; and though I haven’t gotten even halfway into my own life journey, I’ll like to share with you some of the things I’ve learned so far and some questions too.

Please sit back, relax, read through and share your thoughts with me.

Each time he sees another person go through that door, he feels it again, that pain in his gut; some call it envy, others say it is jealousy, it has even been named bitterness in some cases, but he feels it anyway.

What was wrong with him?
Why is it that every other person he knew was able to go through that door, except for him?
What was his own problem?
“life is just unfair “, he concluded.

He has forgotten the fact that some of these people started out earlier than him; he forgets that no two persons are the same; it seems to have escaped his mind that each person’s journey is unique and different.

As you can almost guess, these questions are questions about human being in general.

Most times when we see our one time colleagues or friends making it in life and we are not happy, we begin to get envious.
Maybe he/she is getting married, has a new ride, has more money or has just created a new start-up. We wonder why such persons have things working out smoothly for them while our own lives seems to be in a mess, and we stay there, in that same position we are, just wondering, grumbling and complaining.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s wrong to have a healthy competitive spirit, but I’m saying its wrong to live your life just complaining, grumbling and envying.

These will lead me to some more questions:

Why must he even go through that door?
Will that door lead him to his final destination?
If he goes through that door, will he find satisfaction?
What if the problem is just the timing?
What if he’s been turning the door knob the wrong way?
What about the other doors he is ignoring, because of this door?

So because another person younger than you are just got married, you are going to jump into the lagoon?
What is that door * that you feel others are entering to, but its locked to you?
Have you found out your life’s purpose yet?
What if your life story is different from theirs?

You’ll keep going round in circles, if you do not have a destination in mind.

I’ll drop my pen on the matter, here. But before I do that, I’ll like to ask you some questions, please share your thoughts with me in the comment section below (we are helping ourselves to grow) .

1. What are some of the life struggles you faced and were able to overcome?

2. Do you feel envious when you see your colleagues “succeeding better” than you are? And what do you do about it?

3. Have you discovered your life purpose yet? If yes, how are you working towards achieving it?

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