Discovering purpose

Discovering Purpose : My Thoughts

I pick up my pen again from where I dropped it in the last post on Discovering Purpose, and this time, I’m not asking questions, rather, I’ll be sharing my thoughts. I hope you will too (in the comment section below).

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I see life as a journey, a race. Every person has his own path to run, and though the first phase that ends this journey for the most, is death; our life path/track in getting there are different.

Some people’s paths are simple and straightforward, while some others are complex. Some are able to discern their path early in life, while some don’t get it until it is late, and there are others who forget about their journey and focus on minding the journey of others, and there are yet some, who are confused and never find their path in life.

What category do you fall into? Or I didn’t mention it? If yes, please let me know in the comment section below.

People have different reasons for living and different expectations from life, some of which are:

– to serve humanity
– to find inward satisfaction
– to make impact on lives
– peace
– fulfilment
– to have power
– to oppress other humans
– to solve local, national and world problems
– to get married, stay married and have a family
– to save the earth………

What are your priorities or goals in life?

If asked the question, “what are the two most important things to you in life?”, what will be your response?

Not to make this post too long, I’ll pause my pen here for now, but I’ll be back, so watch this space.

But before I pause, let me drop this weekend motivational goodies with you. Are you ready?

Here we go:

Arise and shine for you are a star and you are meant to shine
Do not let the darkness around overwhelm you
Look upward to the True source of strength and upliftment
There’s more to life than being a spectator
Take the bull by the horn and take charge of your life.

So now go and rock your world, yeah, go light up your world.


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Have an AH-MA-ZING weekend!!!

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