Corban (6)

Corban is a Hebrew word adopted into the Greek of the New Testament and left untranslated. It occurs only once in the Bible and it means a gift or offering consecrated to God.

This story is a series about family relationships, faith and betrayal weaved around the story in Mark 7:11 in the Bible, enjoy!!!

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He was interrupted every now and then by Baba Debo when he needed to clarify a part of the tale.

When he’d finished, Baba Debo sighed.

“Hmmm, children of nowadays. You think that once you manage to get a little wealth, you become suddenly better and more knowledgeable than your parents. You forget all about those who helped you become the great men that you are.

You! You neglected your own parents for a stranger you met along the way- strangers suddenly meant more to you than those who raised you. And this church business you spent all your money on, where is the fruit of all those now?

Don’t you see that you have been used? Your friend has capitalised on your ignorance to further his cause. The money you should have used to take care of your parents and even yourself was diverted into church work. You forgot that your family comes first. No one is asking you to become apathetic towards God’s work but your family, your parents should be well taken care of first. You remind me of one of the traditions of the Pharisees during Jesus’ time.”

He directed Jide to bring his bible which was lying on a stool beside the television. He opened it and read from Mark chapter seven, focusing on the first thirteen verses. By the time he was done, Jide suddenly saw himself in another light, feeling sorrier than ever.

“I’m really sorry sir.”

“Do you see what I have been saying now? Look at another passage that complements that.”

He opened to the book of 1st Timothy chapter five and read from verse eight.

“No matter what you do, where you go, your duty to your family comes first, as long as it doesn’t contradict the will of God. You’ll agree with me that giving to God is the most important thing, but not when it means your family suffer constantly as a result. You may not know, but your father told me that your mother spent days crying because of you. You didn’t even visit her when she needed you.”

Jide apologised again.

“So what exactly do you want me to do for you?”

“Can you please help me beg my father? I’ve been a bad son, and I know it now.”

“But you do not need me to see your father, do you?”

“He may not listen to me, but I know he will respect your presence.”

“But are you willing to amend your ways now? Because there will be no need apologising if fruits of your repentance are not seen”

“Yes, baba. I am. I am only sorrier my mother is not alive today.” He started crying again.

After a few seconds of thought, Baba Debo agreed to visit his father but told him to go back home and wait for his call. He would go to Oyo the following day to see his friend and discuss the matter with him, emphasising forgiveness and reminding him that children would always be children.


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