Glasses Palava: Diary of a Bespectacled Lady

It was May of 2015 when I had to forcefully join the bespectacled people’s club.


The Optometrist had told me that I needed to start using glasses lest the quality of my left eye decreases. He told me the glasses will help my eyes get better, now I know that it was a scam, it didn’t help my eyes get better. If it did, I shoulda stopped using this glasses by now.

Back to my story, prior to my first prescribed glasses, I had sometimes made fun of my friends who use glasses, avowing that I would never use glasses. Now I use glasses while some of them have stopped; life has a way of turning tables sometimes.

My first glasses

It took a threat/close shave with glaucoma, eyes ache and a constant mention from my mother to go for eyes test for me to receive sense and start using glasses.

At the start, it was a little strange getting used to my glasses, after a while though, I got used to it. Now, between May 2015 and now, I have changed glasses, (frames and lens) 4 times, about to be 5 now. Biko, you people who use glasses how did you use to do it?

2nd glasses, can’t even remember what happened to this one

In between forgetting my glasses, misplacing it or the frame getting broken, my eyes haven’t gotten better as the Optometrist said it would. Instead, a few hours or days without the glasses and my eyes and head will be aching stupidly. These optometrists and opticians are scammers sha! *pun intended*.  I have gotten tired of this glasses thing sef.

Third glasses, till today, I still wonder how this one got missing. My best guess is it fell out of my bag on the road

So I’ve come to ask you folks, especially members of The Bespectacled Family how you use to do it; I am tired of changing glass frames and lenses fa, and nay, I don’t like contact lenses.

You see the glasses I got in December last year has got broken again and I really like this particular frame and even though I tried to be very careful with it, tis broken, *wipes tears*.

Current Situation
Current situation

My question is – How do you maintain and manage your glasses long-term, at least 2 years without needing to change it (except in the case of a change in prescription)? I’m in my house waiting for your reply.

This is my favourite so far, and now it is broken. sighs.

Whilst I await your replies and suggestions if you see a lady walking on the streets of Lagos with a one-sided glass frame, say hello, she just might be me.

Before you leave, let me drop 4 lessons with you:

1. Go for regular eyes (and medical) checkup. Eyes defect like glaucoma most times do not have symptoms and can lead to blindness.

2. Do not make fun of your friends who use glasses (or have an issue they are dealing with), it might be your turn soon.

3. If you work on the computer regularly, use an anti-glare screen or get a protective glasses (see an optician or optometrist).

4. Take care of your glasses very well (if you use one).


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