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Another Love Letter to Abba?

As I sat in church after service yesterday, I had a bit of meditation moment. As I sat there, admiring the beautiful structure of the church, my mind went to David and how he loved God so much he wanted to build Him a tabernacle. And then it came to me, another love letter to my Father.

I hope this blesses and inspires you.


Right here, right now
As I dwell in your presence
I think about David, my mentor in the ministry of multidimensional graces
I think about how he felt every time he came into your tabernacle

Here, I feel at home and at peace
I can almost feel your presence so tangibly
It feels like home
Like you are holding me close

I love you, very much
I want to sing you a song
I want to play you a musical instrument
I want to scream how much I love you

Writing these love notes to you make me happy
I can imagine how much it makes you smile

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Like David my mentor, my heart pants after you
I desire you
I want to know you more

Now, the choristers are singing a song
And it makes me imagine how heaven will be
Where we will be singing, rejoicing, and worshipping all day long
Oh, how beautiful heaven must be

I really do love you, Abba
I am excited to live life in you always

Your favorite daughter,


I hope this blesses you as much as it did for me.

I love writing love letters to Abba, and watch out, I’ll be doing something around this soon??.

Took a picture here to capture where I got the inspiration to write this post☺️
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