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God As A Product Manager

Last week Sunday, as I sat in church and listened to the sermon as the Pastor preached on walking in God’s lane, I got new inspiration and perspective about God which led me to write this blog post about the Greatest Product Manager – God.

Product Manager

I have worked as a Technical Product Manager for some years now and also facilitated a number of  Product Management training. Typically, some of the key things you will hear in my conversation are Product vision, strategy, and roadmap. In this case, through the sermon, I got an inspiration and a new insight of God as our Product Manager, my own Product Manager.

A lot of times, in my clime, Christians sing this song about being a divine project that cannot be abandoned. With us being agile these days, we can say that we are not just divine projects, we are divine products, managed by the Greatest Product manager ever. I mean, what other confidence do you need when the Best of the best is managing you; guiding and directing you into all truth?

As I sat under the ministration at the service, God was bringing it to my mind that He is my Product Manager, and so, He owns the vision, strategy, and roadmap for my life. Normally, during product conceptualisation, the product is not stressed or disturbed, it is the Product Manager/Owner who runs around to ensure that all the resources needed to deliver that product are provided. With God as my Product Manager, He has the best vision for my life, He owns the strategy and He already implemented the roadmap for me to follow. All I need to do is to align with God and let Him build the best product possible – ME!!!

With God as my Product Manager, He has the best vision for my life, He owns the strategy, and has already implemented the roadmap for me to follow. Share on X

Of course, God has a good blend of agile and waterfall methodologies, therefore, there are some processes I will need to go through and finish before I can go through the next; also, there are other scenarios where god is running me through back-to-back iterations of lessons, blessings and breakthroughs.

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Thus, seasons of requirement gathering exist where I sit in God’s planning room and ask Him to provide guidance on what I am to do per time. In such seasons, I could go through waiting room experiences where God teaches me to wait on Him regarding the plans He has for me.

Definitely, we practice daily standups, moments where I daily catch up with God pouring out my thanks, thoughts, and supplications before Him. This could be during my morning devotion, personal prayer sessions as I go through my daily activities, and other times when His Spirit ministers to me.

During our sprint reviews and retrospective sessions, I have check-in meetings with the Holy Spirit to see if I am still aligned with God’s plan; if the vision He gave is what I’m still running with, if I am making progress, or if there is a need for realignment. In this kind of session, God rewards us where we have been obedient to His words and plans, and He corrects us where we may have made mistakes.

Remote to Onsite Work
A typical day in my life as a Product Manager

A lot of system testing takes place, and they come in form of daily challenges, temptations, and trials. However, if our faith is strong, we do not yield to the temptations, and minimal or no bugs are raised.

The UAT session will happen when the roll is called up yonder and the products who aligned with God’s plans will be told to move to His right-hand side, and those who didn’t will be asked to depart from God forever. This will impact what production environment the products are deployed to – Heaven or Hell.

What kind of product are you?

Are you allowing the Greatest Product Manager to mould your life into His perfect will? Or are you, as a product, struggling against the design of your manager?

Let go today, and fall into the arms of grace.


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  • James Oyebade

    This is a brilliant piece.
    It’s like a swindler for those who do not see God as their master planner and a mind refreshing for those who do.

    I got the same inspiration yesterday morning from Jeremiah 29:17 as I woke up to start my day. God’s faithful, in fact.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Opeyemi Bakare

    Wow, I’m super blessed from this write up. God bless you for this write up. Thinking….”God as a Fashion designer”. He made the first clothes man ever wore even after they had sinned against Him.

  • Amybelle

    I thought I was the only one with this understanding.
    Esther this is so apt and highly applicable.

    A perfect blend of product management and the creative God.

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