8 Investment Opportunities You Should Know About

Let’s talk investment. Investing is a topic everyone should know about and get interested in. That you need to have a lot of money before you can invest is a myth.

In an earlier post, I had shared investment opportunities that didn’t require a lot of money for you to start; read it here.

As I shared in an earlier post too, I attended 9 to 5 chick after work event where we learned about money – growing and managing it. You can read it here, it is a prequel to today’s post

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you investment opportunities that you should be aware of.

Note: Always research an investment opportunity before putting in your money.

Here are 8 Investment Opportunities you should know about

  1. Fixed deposit and savings: This gives you an option to fix your money in a commercial bank. Interest rate on fixed deposit is about 10%
  2. Micro finance fixed deposit: This is also an opportunity to fix (lock) your money but this time it is in a micro finance bank and it has higher returns; about 17 or 18%. Loan companies like RenMoney, Page Financials offer this option
  3. Treasury Bills: With this you can invest in the primary or secondary treasury bill. Primary treasury bills require a higher capital, while secondary treasury bills leverage on fund pooling. Interest rate varies, it has an average of 12%
  4. Government Bonds: Government usually sends bonds as a means of generating revenue and these are of a longer duration than treasury bills which is also by the government
  5. Mutual Funds: This has different categories some of which are money market mutual funds, equity mutual funds, etc. Different investment houses have different packages and different ROIs
  6. Foreign Investments such as Freetrade, Robinhood, Tencent, etc.
  7. Real estate: You can either buy a piece of land or already built house
  8. Agritech: This is one market that yields high returns these days

When investing:

  1. Always think long term
  2. Get a professional lawyer or accountant where needed
  3. Always do 3rd party verification
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