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Waiting: A Short Story

Waiting is a short story about two ladies and it centres on being patient and still trusting in God even in the storms of life. Read, share and be blessed.


Sola: See, Bola, I am tired. I am tired of having to go through this all over again.

Bisi: But Sola, remember that they promised to be back at the end of one year.

Sola: Yes I know, but it’s hard. Do you know how many things are at stake? What if they don’t get back to me at the end of the one year? What if things have changed? What if I change my mind before the end of the one year?

Don’t you remember that other time, the time when I was told that they’ll get back to me at the end of 3 months? Bisi you know, you know how I waited and waited, you saw my tears then, you heard my heart as it was rent. Bisi I was heart-broken. If not for you, mum, dad and a few friends I don’t know how I would have gone on.

Now I’m being told to wait again, and you know that it is not easy, you know I trust God, you know I do. But some times it is so hard to believe. How am I sure that this will not be another play on my faith? Do you think I can survive it again if this too doesn’t work?

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Bisi: I heard your heart as it bled Sola, trust me I don’t understand why God is allowing you to go through this process, but I’m sure you know somewhere deep in your heart that God still cares even in times that we don’t understand. Don’t worry I’m in this with you, we’ll cry together, pray together and trust together as you wait. Remember that hymn ‘Does Jesus Care‘?

I’m sure He still cares even in times when we can’t see beyond the pain. Let’s trust together this time babes, and before we know it the one year will be ended and that by faith.

Sola: Thanks, I’m so grateful Ore*, I’m blessed to have a friend like you.

Bisi: I should be the grateful one, seeing your trust in almost impossible situations has taught me to be more thoughtful, thankful and trustful. I’m glad to be your friend. Let’s pray together on this together.


This was the conversation between Bisi and her best friend Sola.

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Bisi has had a very not great experience as she trusted God for a particular miracle, and now God was telling her to trust Him on a similar and critical issue. She was finding it hard to trust or believe, hence the conversation.


short story

A few months later.

Bisi: This my God, He is good O……(singing). What God said has really come to pass this time, Sola abeg join me in singing o. It is for real o, I’ll forward the mail I just got to you now. I didn’t believe it could happen o, I’m so very grateful to God for not giving up on me even in times when I doubted him.

Sola (on the phone): We give thanks to God Ore, I’m very happy for you. So where is the jollification at babes?

Bisi: Don’t worry I’ll call you soon to give you the details. We’ll definitely wash this. Let me call daddy, I’ll call you back soon.

Sola: Alright, I’ll be waiting (smiles).

Bisi: So, what I’ve been struggling on for the past years could have been done in a month if I had not let fear and doubt hinder me? Well, babes, we gotta have a special worship session on this, but first, let me call the parents, will call you back in a bit.

Sola: Yes o, alright dear. Will be expecting your call.


End of story.

Some Lessons:

  1. The Storm may rage through the night, but joy will definitely come in the morning.
  2. The type of friend you keep matters.
  3. Don’t stop hoping, don’t stop trusting, STILL BELIEVE.


Ore* – Yoruba word for friend

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