2021: Of Being A Plant Mom, Career Transitioning, and Much More

Yesterday had me going through my 2021 journal and I smiled, sighed, and gave thanks as I read through my entries for the year.

How the year started. I typically like to get a new journal for a new year. Though for 2022, I’ll just continue using this one

To say I am a product of grace is to say the least and I’m here to document and review my year with you guys.

But first, how are you and how was 2021 for you? Did you set goals? Were you able to achieve them? What were the key factors that helped you achieve them?

While you ruminate on that, let’s come back to me. As many of you, my returning readers, may know, I am big on goal setting and 2021 was no different, I had my goals written out with a mini vision board drawn up. What was different, however, was my implementation strategy.

Flexibility is one of the key words for me this year, I learnt to be more flexible in my implementation approach and I’ll explain more in a bit.

One of my recent twitter post

My 2021 comprised of exams, celebrating a lot of my friends (marriages and new babies), fully transitioning to product management and a new job, trying out new waters, submitting applications, serving more at Church, getting nominated for an award in Product Management and facilitating a paid training on product management (this was a hooge one for me?).

Serving you cute jpegs cos I took a lot of fine pics this year☺️
Aso-oke outfit made by my sister (@wearsbytife) for my birthday photoshoot

However, my biggest win this year was my journey in God. I grew, learned, was stretched and I’m still being stretched. Attending Praying Women Circle (PWC) Retreat in August was really transformational and my walk with God has gone on to another level. Learning to trust more, pray more, be more sensitive to God, and boy, do I have testimonies.

A blessed and prayed up sis?

Of course, the year hit me with several gbas gbos, from health issues, to losing a dear friend (some days, it’s still difficult to believe), to some other things that didn’t happen as I hoped. Yet through it all, I’ve learned to know that God is good and remains faithful.

This year, I learned to take care of my plants better, and 2 of them survived. Yippeee? I also find myself introspecting more thank I share and some days my heart is full but I’m not able to share, I’m trusting that very soon, I’ll be able to share many of the thoughts God has laid on my heart. Till then, keep learning more about yourself and becoming the best version of you.

Only my snake plant survived (first from the left)??, but I got another crawling plant that is doing well too

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As we wind up the year and close the curtain for 2021, I don’t feel the hyped excitement and jim-jim that people usually feel about the new year; instead, I’m calm and assured of the major things that are going to happen in 2022.

Already, God has laid on my heart major areas to focus on for the year, and I’m just calm, excited and looking forward to the forthcoming multiple wins.

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This post is already getting super long as it typically happens when I start to write but I really want to thank you for sticking with me through this year. For engaging with me via the different social media spaces and for allowing me to inspire you in the little way I can. Expect more inspiration in the new year and particularly watch out for what we are cooking through my brand, Mivida.

2022 is a year of divine speed, movement, and newness. I pray that you experience newness in all areas of your life.

Praying newness for you in the new year. I hope you avoid self-sabotaging habits and go for gold?

There is so much more to write, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too long a post. Thank you once again for reading this far.

To new beginnings and opportunities,
To walking on water,
To breaking boundaries and becoming the best version of you,

Love and Light Always,
Abba’s Favorite Daughter,
Esthitude ?

P.S: I use Instagram a lot more to share these days, so you can connect with me on IG – @esthitude_, @mividaafrica (my lifestyle brand for young adults) on Twitter -@esthitude, and via my podcast channel.

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Cheers to 2022. Do let me know what type of posts you’ll like me to share with you in the coming year.

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