The 8 Mindsets of Billionaires by Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is one of the world’s premier speakers on Leadership and Personal Mastery. He is the author of great books like – The Leader Who Had No Title, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The 5AM Club (this being his most recent books).

I first got to know about Robin Sharma when a friend borrowed me his book – The Leader Who Had No Title. Reading his book, I got hooked on his writing style and fortunately, another friend gifted me his book – The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari ( a book on self-discovery and personal mastery). In between all of these, I started following him on Instagram and also subscribed to newsletters from his website .

Almost every other day/week, I get inspiring write-ups (just like the one i’m about to share with you) from him in my mail.

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Recently, while checking through my mail, I came across this email from him on the 8 Mindsets of Billionaires. Reading through the mail, I decided, I was going to share this with y’all.

Here goes… I hope you get inspired by at least one of the posts below and push for gold.

The 8 Mindsets of Billionaires by Robin Sharma – Mail Content.

Esther, I hope you’re amazing.

I’ve been working as the private advisor to celebrated billionaires for a long time and thought it would be helpful to your rise if I shared 8 of the dominant mindsets that glorify their performance.

I’ll get right into them, if I may…

Mindset #1: If people don’t laugh, the dream is too small.

Mindset #2: The journey will be hard yet the voyage will be worth it.

Mindset #3: The bigger the dream, the more important will be a remarkable team.

Mindset #4: Fortune favors the relentless [and punishes the passive].

Mindset #5: The one who delivers the best value to the most people wins.

Mindset #6: To have the results very few have, one must think the thoughts and run the routines very few do.

Mindset #7: Last year’s championship performance is this year’s starting point.

Mindset #8: Why do it if it’s not going to be fun?

I hope you’ve learned a point or two from these points. I wish you an amazing week and life.

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