What is the Quantum of your Bride Price?

A friend today told me about a Nigerian website that helps women calculate their bride price  To some this news might be stale, but for someone like me, it is new and hilarious and so I decide to share.

bride price certificate
My bride price according to the elders

The app calculates the bride price by using the qualities below:

  • weight
  • height
  • leg shape
  • facial beauty
  • skin color
  • facial quality
  • teeth
  • residency
  • nationality
  • highest education
  • cooking skills
  • employment
  • body art
  • accent

You can check out your bride price and even your enemy/friend’s bride price at



Check your bride price and share your bride price in the comments section below.

P.S:  I don’t think men should be afraid of getting married.

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