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Hello friends, thank you for taking time to stop by the blog today.

If you’ve been following my posts recently, I’m sure you would have noticed that I have been attending great, life-changing conferences. I’m also sure that you enjoy reading my notes from those conferences.

This time, I thought to share with you a great conference coming up soon, 17th of June to be precise at the Muson Center, Lagos, Nigeria; so that you can attend life and direct.

It is the True Living Conference (TLC) 2017: the annual conference for young leaders on self-leadership and change. The theme for this year’s conference is “Rewrite The Future“.


Seeking for a personal revolution that would bring about a change in your life and destiny?

Are you seeking to take a step that would make this year worthwhile for you and help you bring your ideas from thoughts to paper?

Then I’m specially inviting you to take this opportunity to rewrite your future.

The conference is free to attend, but you have to register. You can register by clicking here.

The host of the conference is Onyinye Etoniru, founder of Truekolours hub and CEO O’lavanda Signatures.

TY Bello at TLC

Some of the Speakers and Panelists at the events are:

Ndidi Nwuneli – Co-Founder Sahel Capital/Founder LEAP Africa

TY Bello – Renowned Songwriter and Photographer


Jennifer Uchendu – Founder SustyVibes

Adeloye Olanrewaju- Founder Safer Mom

and so many others….

The conference promises to be AWEMAZING, I’m sure you’ll be glad you attended it (when you do).

Be ready to learn, meet new people and network.

Are you as excited as I am already?

Attending TLC 2017

Looking forward to seeing you at TLC 2017 on the 17th of June in MUSON Centre, Lagos by 10am.



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