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In most interviews today, one of the most likely question asked is “How well can you function under pressure?”.  

Generally, people say things like you have to learn to cope well under pressure( and all those stuffs). But just what is basis of measurement for measuring how well one copes under pressure? The pressure is everywhere today: at work, at home, on the bus, from friends and family, in and out. The pressure is just there.

A friend was asking me recently why I just looked tired and not very excited. And as I was thinking about it later, I thought  handling pressure well doesn’t mean I have to carry a smile the size of a ball(or egg) on my face. It means that I don’t shout back at you when you keep demanding the same thing for the umpteenth time or that I don’t throw in the towel when everything seems not be working.

It doesn’t mean I don’t get pissed or vexed, it means me taking a walk trying to cool off and turn off the heat, it means me plugging my ears with my headphone to turn off the external noise.

How do you manage stress/ pressure? Or what do you think is the basis for measuring how well one handles pressure.

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