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The Making: Don’t Rush Your Process

Here in the field with the sheep, a king is being made;
As he lovingly watches over and guides the sheep, he is preparing to watch over and guide God’s sheep, His children,
As he fights the lion and bear, he is preparing to fight the battles ahead,
As he plays soothingly to the sheeps, he is preparing ahead to play out demons and write beautiful songs for His Maker.

Things don’t usually look great in the field,
The making process never fully makes sense,
It is a place of breaking and making,
A silent field where you put in the work without recognition.

It will only makes some sense in retrospect:
All the battles you’ve had to face,
All the struggles you’ve had to go through,
They are a preparation for something greater.

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The little shepherd boy would later go on to become a King and Priest,
The little orphan girl, a queen,
The prostitute, one listed in the genealogy of Christ,
The barren woman, a mother of nations.

Don’t give up on yourself yet, it will get better,
Don’t rush your process, go through it and be present,
Let your Maker perfect His work in you,
Let Him mold you for the future He is preparing you for.

Keep hope alive,
Keep trusting,
Keep praying,
Keep worshipping.

Where others saw a shepherd boy, God saw a king. All will be well.

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Love and Light,

Here is a song that may bless you, do listen.

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