Tangled – Final Episode

Tangled is a short series that narrates the story of a Christian sister, Lizzy, trapped by lust and other strategies of the devil. She goes round and round for a long time, entangling herself. Did she triumph at last?

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“Praise the Lord!!!”

The large congregation replied weakly.

“Pra… pra… praisssee the Lord!!!”

“Hallelujahhhh”, they screamed this time.

“Very good. God deserves big things”, Pastor Joe smiled.

“We have two announcements to make today just before we dismiss. First, our prodigal sister, who the Lord has accepted back to his fold, Sis Lizzy, has safely put to bed. So, as we do, let the sisters go around and show some love”, he paused.

“Now, the next announcement is good news. Everybody, say good newsss”, he stretched his microphone towards the crowd.

“Good newsss”, they replied with enthusiasm.

“Our very own Bro Bayo and Sister Ronke would be getting married next week Saturday. Let’s clap for Jesus.”

The church clapped as there is excitement everywhere. Clearly, everybody loved them both.

“The venue of the wedding is…”, Pastor Joe’s voice faded away.


Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Come in!” Pastor Joe shouted from his desk.

“Ah! Sister Lizzy, you’re the one.”

“Yes sir, you called for me.”

“Yes, yes, I did. Have your seat; I’ll be with you shortly.”

She sat on the couch in a place that was set like a parlour. The pastor’s office is a big room that is divided into three: a sitting room, his office, and the toilet.

Lizzy sat there while taking in the atmosphere. She was very close to Pastor Joe but the issue that happened greatly disappointed him that he refused to be amongst the committee set up to judge her and he didn’t visit her at all while she was in the hospital.

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It’d been a month since she came back from the hospital and the pastor called for her. She had been able to build her spiritual life while she was in the hospital as well as gather strength and grace from God not to feel bad when she heard that her former fiancé and her best friend were getting married. She was not expecting Bro. Bayo to forgive her after the whole pregnancy reveal. In fact, after he broke off their engagement in her face, not via text, she knew it was over.

However, she did not think Bro. Bayo and Ronke had anything going on before. So, hearing the news from Ronke herself, the day she came around to visit in the hospital, was a shock. But, she still wished them a blissful marriage.

*Pastor  Joe cleared his throat*

“Sister Lizzy”, he paused as he sat down on the couch opposite Lizzy.

“How are you and the baby?”

“We bless God, sir”

“Good, good. Have you eaten?”

“Yes sir”

“What did you eat?”

“Eba and egusi soup”

“Ooh good! You know you should be eating more now right. You are eating for two now.” He laughed.

She smiled and nodded.

“So, I called for you to know how you’re fairing and you know… We’ve not properly talked since the incident and you know why.”

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She nodded.

“Good. I have been disappointed and being your father, that was my way of punishing you. Now that you’ve gone through the punishment and back, I see the need for us to talk about it. I know we have talked about what happened but, I want to tell you what went wrong.”

Lizzy nodded her head as she listened.

“First and majorly, your relationship with people were never deep enough and that includes me.  And this is the reason when you were given that gift initially; you hid it from your best friend. Also, when he was making advances, you kept quiet about it and did not even tell your fiancé.

So, I would suggest that you learn to confide in someone. I mean, you can confide in me. Also, you gave room for the devil, you should never entertain such conversations with a man. It was very obvious he was out for you.

The Bible says, guard your heart with all jealousy for out of it are the issues of life. Also, the Bible says that he who covereth his sin shall not prosper.

So, instead of hoarding those sinful feelings, speak out!”

“Yes sir”

“Good, so for now concentrate on the baby. Do not feel bad about Ronke and Bayo. I’m happy you went to the wedding.”

Grrrrrr… grrrr…

Pastor Joe’s phone rings.

“I’ve got quite a lot of meetings to attend. I’m sure it is one of them calling. Do you have any question?”

She shook her head in disagreement.

“Okay, let us pray”, he slapped his knees with his hands as they both bowed their heads in prayer.

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