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Share That Testimony

Sometimes your miracle/testimony is all people need to hear for them to get converted.

Looking at the example of Aeneas and Dorcas in Acts 9:32-42: We see how the miracles of raising the dead and healing the paralyzed drew so many to believe in God.

Let’s bring it home, God is calling a lot of us today to be Kingdom Influencers outside of the pulpit and pew; so we must be open to how God wants to use us to influence lives for His Kingdom.

Sharing your testimony is definitely one way to achieve this. Many people are going through situations where it seems it is impossible to get help and if only you will share that testimony of how God delivered you in a similar situation, you will not only lift their faith, they’ll want to know about that your God and draw close to Him.

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If the believers had not made noise and testified about the miracles God wrought through Peter in Lydda and Joppa, how would those souls have been won for Christ?

We need to be discerning and in tune with God so that our lives can become a daily miracle that points others to God.

What is that miracle that God has done in your life that you discount as just the regular?

There is something in your heart telling you to share it but it seems so minute and irrelevant; my dear believer, this is your prompt to share it. Some people’s breakthrough and salvation are tied to it.

Share that miracle today and desire that your life becomes a daily, living miracle.

May God help us. Amen.

Love and Light Always,


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