Fear!!! Living In fear is a post about my recent escape from the claws of fear, I was almost not aware of.

All these time I sang songs of victory, whilst tied up in chains of fear I was ignorant of.

You know how you think you are free from something and you don’t even know that somehow some way, your mind is still tied and bound by those things you thought you were free from.

Read on and let this story explain my experience.

Fear is a monster
It is a taskmaster
The taste of fear is bitter
The smell of fear is pungent

I thought I knew all there is to fear
I assumed I was free from its claws
I didn’t know it still had some tricks up its sleeves

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Oh, I was still bound by its shackles
Not until when a greater light was shone
Did I realize that I was still entangled in the web of fear

Fear of being who I really am supposed to be
Fear of people and what they’ll say
Fear of poverty
Fear of the future

I forgot that I was held by the hands of Him who knows tomorrow
I didn’t remember that He had promised to help me
I was so caught up in my fears
I forgot His promises

His promises were like a forgotten dream
His whispers of assurance like a mist blown away
But then He showed me my true state
And I fell to His feet and cried, “HELP ME”

He lifted me to my feet
I clung on to Him
He whispered, “You are my favourite daughter, and I will always be here for you”

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So, I took off my cloaks of doubt
I cleaned out the webs of fear
He gave me a cloak of honour
And put a crown of glory upon my Head

“I am FREE”, I shouted
I lifted my hands, raised my feet
And danced to the song of freedom
Right there in the arms of The One who loves me

One quick point: Many times our head is thinking one way, but our mind is saying another thing. Your head knows the right thing to do, but your mind is bowed in depression. You can be free from your fears, doubts and depressions, yes you can.

In times when it seems like the positive self-admonitions aren’t working and your head seems to be clouded in darkness, call on Jesus, and He’ll set you free.

Have a beautiful and victorious week.

Lots of love and positive vibes,


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