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Oh Silent Saturday!

It’s the Saturday leading up to Christmas, and for some people, it feels just like the Saturday leading up to the Easter Morn. This means that while some are enjoying the season of cheer and joy, for them, it looks like a season of silence, a season of mourning.

Bringing it home, a silent Saturday could mean that even though others are happy and celebrating this season, you can’t seem to find a reason to do same. You look back on the year and you can’t find a reason to be thankful. Everything just looks bleak.

It could also mean that you’ve been praying/waiting on God for days, months, or years regarding a particular issue and God has been silent.

Your inner thoughts and voice may resonate as:

Oh, silent Saturday,
You are not a nice place to be,
You are filled with despair, loneliness, and hopelessness,
It almost feels like the darkness has won,
You are so dark.

You may say:

I do not understand this silence,
I don’t know what Abba is saying,
I can’t see what He is even doing,
I don’t how long I may need to wait for,
And Abba is still silent.

Here’s what I have to remind you, dear friend:

It’s in the silence of that Easter Saturday, that Jesus went to set captives free,
It’s in the silence of that ‘Christmas Saturday’, that Mary would birth a Son.

Yes, even in the silence, God is working.

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So, friend, this is what I want your declaration to be as you wait in the silence:

Yes, I’ll wait,
Even in the pain,
Even when I don’t understand,
Even when it hurts,

I’ll trust,
Even when I can’t see,
I’ll still believe,
I’ll keep my face on God,
He’ll come through for me.

Even in the silence, God is working. Share on X

I’m sending hugs and prayers your way today, dear friend. Before you know it, Sunday morning will be here and you’ll smile again.

Merry Christmas and compliments of the season, beloved?.

Love and Light Always,
Esthitude ✨


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