My Inner Struggles against NYSC Posting: the diary of an awaiting otondo

It’s been one year since I graduated from the university, and yet I’ve not been posted for NYSC. This is not because I don’t want to (of course, I prefer not to), but I know I have to, and the sooner the better.

Instead of waiting on NYSC for posting, I got a job some months after graduation , and I decided that wherever I was posted for NYSC I would just redeploy to where I work, what is the point in NYSC anyway?

To me NYSC has lost its purpose, so why waste one year of my life in a village somewhere? When it was time to register for NYSC, I decided to invite God into my decision, of course, I already had a plan drawn out in my mind and I was praying because I just needed to. In the process of waiting for NYSC and postponement of NYSC, I felt God talking to me through different means:

In the process of waiting for NYSC ( through the postponing and all), I felt God talking to me through different means: can’t you trust me on this one? Of course, I trust God, but who would want to leave a growing career in Lagos for one village somewhere? In this era when searching for job is like searching for gold, who would want to leave the known for the unknown at the many risks of poor health condition, a disconnect from what was going on in the real world…. But another voice reasoned within, who gave you this job ? Remember you felt like can I really get this job, but then it worked out. Amongst other thoughts.

So I decided that I’m just gonna trust God on this, with my eyes and ears wide open of course, I’m gonna let him steer me in that direction He knows is best for me.

So come wherever NYSC posting may be, I’m gonna be storming that place mightily. So watch out SOD *, I’m coming with my armors fully loaded.

SOD* – state of deployment.

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