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Happy New Year officially from HER PIECES to all my faithful followers, readers, critics and passersby.

Happy New Year


Is it really new?

Factually, new years are not a new thing. It is commonplace for a year to end after 365/366 days hence giving place for a new year to come in.

So what makes it new?

What makes a year new is YOU. The new year will mostly be full of some old processes with some few new things: it is your attitude, resilience, determination and discipline that matters.

Amazing year

You probably have a list of new year resolutions noted down in your diary. Well, not bad but that will have to change or be improved on. I’ll say instead of setting resolutions, set targets (and reasonable target at that) across the year: it could be quarterly or against the first half of the year. This will make you more accountable and disciplined.

For instance, say you want to read 4 books this year, read the Bible through, take a driving lesson etc. Instead of just having these as new year resolutions, you can split these tasks across the four quarters of the year. Here goes: Read a book in 3 months (which is relatively easy), divide the Bible reading into months ( you might want to extend it to more than a year or get a yearly Bible scheduler), plan the driving lesson for a month or two and STICK to IT. It is easier to draw up plans than it is to put those plans into action, so you’ve got to stick to it.

How then do I stick to these plans?

Discipline is needed; you can also make yourself accountable to one or more persons : start a blog maybe, have a mentor that you’ll be accountable to, or even be a mentor to some people; furthermore, aim for excellence and not perfection (I know right!) : some people are going to want to have my head for this but seriously, when we aim for perfection in some things, it just will never happen instead aim for excellence and get better at it.

2015 was a great year for me, I surely had challenges but my victories were more. I’m really looking forward to what 2016 has in store.

So my tips for the new year!

Don’t Worry, be Happy. Have a grateful tongue,heart and a positive mindset. Have a blast in this new year. Learn a new language. Go to new places. Meet people. Be prayerful. Serve God. Live by God’s precept. Develop yourself. Have Fun. Start working on that thing that you’ve always wanted to do and Remember to put God FIRST.



P.S: If you want to share your new year targets with other folks or with me, you can contact me via mail @ And you can also share your thoughts by commenting in the comments section below.




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