Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is an art not just an action. It is an attitude, a way of life. It is not for a set of people, it is a lifestyle that everyone should embrace.


Truly you’ve had challenges: maybe you lost something or someone precious to you, maybe things have been hard on you financially or academically, maybe things have not just been working well. But there is something that was left out and that is the fact that you are still alive despite these challenges.

The Holy Writ says: there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, yes through the scent of water it will bud. When there is LIFE there is HOPE.

It is amazing how easy it is for us to grumble, complain, get angry, criticize, analyse and murmur in averse life situations; but what is more amazing is that these actions never proffer solution to the problems we have instead they make the problems seem to enlarge. Worrying or complaining will never help matters, and neither will behaving like the proverbial Ostrich that hides its head in the sand whenever it sees trouble approaching.


Let  worry, complaints and fear give place to *manning* up to the challenge, having a positive mindset that things are going to get better, cultivating a ‘can do’ attitude to life issues and developing a grateful heart for who you are, where you are and what you have. It is important to know that comparison is the thief of joy and jealousy is the thief of peace.



Before you can change the situations external, you have to change the condition internal i.e. before you can change what is going on around you, you need to first change your mindset. Have a positive mindset, confess positively, look on the bright side of things, and live and hope for the best. All these if acted upon, will aggregate into a lifestyle of thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is beyond saying thank you to someone because of the good thing he/she did for you, it is about cultivating a thankful lifestyle, being grateful at all time.  As the year flies away, let’s cultivate a grateful heart and an appreciative eye. Be thankful for what you have, what you hope for and even what has been lost.




Have a THANKFUL 2016.


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