At some point in time in our lives, we are bound to face one form of rejection or the other. It could either be rejection from social circles, a job offer, or whatever. Rejection is a part of life, however, how we handle it determines how well or bad our lives become eventually.

Have I ever felt rejected? Yes. Time and time again.

There was this particular time when the pain of rejection was really running deep within and I was so hurt. Someone I liked and wanted to keep in touch with was more or less avoiding me. I had to be retrospective about what I had done to have warranted this rejection. I found none so I decided to move on, shaking away the pains and picking up myself again.

Though bound to face rejections, we are not meant to live with it. So, what can we do when we are stared in the face by brush-offs?

5 Practical Ways to Handle Rejection

1) Accept Rejection Head-on: The earlier you realise that you have just been rejected, the better for you. There is no need trying to pretend it never happened, when indeed we feel its venomous sting. Identifying and accepting the cold shoulder you receive is the first step to healing from the pain. So, stop the pretence and get ready for healing.


That was exactly what I did, albeit, late. I was initially making excuses for the person, but when I accepted the hard fact, my healing came faster than expected.

2) Don’t Take It Personal: One way to drown in the pains of rejection is to take it “personal”. If you face rejection from a person or an organization, try not to take it personally; be objective and don’t play the blame game. That way, you will be able to handle rejection better.

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3) Don’t Let It Define You: The worst thing you can do to yourself after being rejected is to make it define you. The fact that you were rejected at the company you applied to doesn’t mean you are incompetent. That you were rejected from a social circle doesn’t mean you are irrelevant and have no value. Rejection hurts, yes, but never make a sweeping generalisation of yourself because of it.

Move on already, don’t get depressed.

4) Channel It For Growth: See rejection as a way of improving yourself. View it as a tool to analyse your weakness and find ways to make yourself better. Highlight the likely reasons for that rejection, straighten out the rough edges and voila! You’re on your way to being a better person.

5) See rejection as a sign of stretching beyond your comfort zone, of pushing beyond your usual limits.

I hope you have learned a point or two from this. Have you ever experienced rejection? How did you handle it? Share with me in the comment section below.

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