Hmm. How does this eight letter words sound? Melodious or awful?

Well, before I proceed, let us see what the Bible says concerning this.

“Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: so shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, and thine want as an armed man.”

Guess what? Do you know that laziness is a quality? A quality of unwillingness to work. It is a state of being lax, idle, and never willing to make effort. One thing that you should know if you do not know is that this cankerworm tends to penury.

The last time I checked, the Bible says “Seest thou a man diligent…,” not “Seest thou a man lazy.” If you are not aware, let me inform you that it is the hands of the diligent that bears rule, not the hands of the lazy man.

One more thing! The man who eats the bread of idleness will always be at the mercy of the man who has dedicated his life to diligence.

One more thing! The man who eats the bread of idleness will always be at the mercy of the man who has dedicated his life to diligence. Share on X

Now that we have these facts at our fingertip, of what use would it be if we do not find a way out of this menace? Hence, the need to share steps to take in other to conquer laziness.

ACCEPT THAT YOU’RE LAZY AND YOU DESIRE A CHANGE: Without you accepting the fact that you’re lazy, you will constantly remain in your complacent state of life. Bringing yourself to the reality of the fact that you are lazy helps you understand that there is a problem and from there you begin to seek a way out of laziness. Your willingness to change your ways is a good sign that soon and very soon you will bid laziness goodbye.

SET YOUR MIND TO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO: When you don’t put your mind on what you want to do, it gives you the opportunity of loafing around. Being determined and focused on any given task you have at hand will help you evade the plague of laziness.

WEIGH THE PROS AND CONS OF LAZINESS: At a point in time, it would be very essential if you weigh the pros and cons of being lazy. You are able to determine your productivity when you are doing something and when you are lazying around. To be honest with you, laziness has no benefit to the bearer; in fact, it tends to penury. When you have an understanding of what laziness will cost you, you will rather spend yourself than being lazy.

DECLUTTER YOUR SCHEDULE: Your schedule may either endear you to do what you have to do or put you off from work. Make your schedule free enough to enable you do the work you have at hand. Decluttering your schedule makes you evade laziness and helps you to embrace hard work.

HAVE AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: This is someone you can be accountable to. When someone is accountable for your actions, it enables you to sit up and sit straight. Make sure your accountability partner is a sucker for hard work else you both would be a bunch of lazy fellows.

TAKE A STEP AT A TIME: The reason for your laziness may not be farfetched. Overcoming laziness may seem overwhelming and it may lead you to just remaining in your idle state. Set a goal for yourself, and take a step at a time to attain your goal of overcoming laziness.

A desire to overcome laziness should not just end at being a desire, you have to work at it, and you’ll be grateful to yourself that you did.

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