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4+1 Major Keys To Intentional Living and a Life of MORE

Many people, or most of us as humans have an innate desire to be more in life, we do not like being at the same spot for too long. This is evident in our day to day activities : we jump queues, rush through life, hustle and struggle all in a bid to be MORE.

The desire to be MORE is not a wrong one, however, where most people get it wrong is when in order to be more or get to the top, they try to take shortcuts, break procedures and cut corners. Most times, it boomerangs on them.

Live life intentionally
Live life intentionally

A life of MORE: is an intentional life, a life that gets better by day, a fruitful life, a life on the increase, a life of integrity and honor, it is the kind of life that God wants for us. You are either living a life of MORE or a life of LESS, you cannot be on the fence; it is like pedaling a bicycle, once you stop pedaling, you fall.

So what are the necessary constituents for a life of MORE? Below are some of the factors necessary to live a life of MORE:

1. God: This is the number one and most important factor. In the book PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, Rick Warren emphasises that we are not living for ourselves, in His word, YOUR LIFE IS NOT ABOUT YOU.
To live a life of MORE, a life that excels, a life of purpose : you must begin with God cos you were born for His purpose and by His purpose.

It is in God that we discover our origin, our identity, our meaning, our purpose, our significance, and our destiny. Every other path leads to a dead end. – Rick Warren.

2. Faith and Prayers: To make it in this world, you need faith and not the regular kind of faith, you need what I call CRAZY FAITH; a faith that believes in spite of all odds, a hope that hopes against hope. You need faith in God, in yourself, your goals and your dreams. Confess positively about yourself, your situations, your family, your career, your marital life, etc.
Prayer is communicating with God: there are times when life’s circumstances tend to overwhelm us, in such times, we need to pray and meditate.

3. Make Plans: Goal setting is one of the top attributes of an achiever. Like the popular adage says: when you fail to plan, you have planned to fail.
Set SMART goals, make plans for your life, aim for more, and never ever settle for less.

Live on purpose
You’ve got to live on purpose

4. Take Action: It is one thing to make plans and set goals, it is another thing to actually take action. The best way to start a thing is to JUST START, the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago and the next best time is NOW.
You could have a million-dollar idea, but when it isn’t executed, it remains what it is, AN IDEA, and ain’t no idea putting money into your pocket or food into your mouth.
So what are you waiting for? Start Now.

Be SMART about achieving your goals, be ruthless in executing them, never settle for LESS, BE MORE.  – Esthitude

When all of these have been taken into consideration and acted upon, then you are going to have the MANIFESTATION.

5. Giving: There’s an adage that says: ‘ To whom much is given, much is expected ‘. When you are living a life of MORE, there’s the need to give back- to your community, church, institution where you are, and to people around you. The more you give, the more you get. Aim to live a life that adds value all the time. You can give your time, resources, money, or means, just be a Giver.

Strong Woman
She’s Intentional

It is important to know that you are your best cheerleader and your worst hindrance. You are the one that can encourage yourself the best and when it is looking like everything is falling apart, look yourself in the mirror and say confidently, I CAN, and you’ll see things turn around for your good.


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