My House Hunting Wahala


I really should have no ‘house hunt wahala’ right? My parents live in Lagos and I have some of my relatives that are based in Lagos, but here I was in this dilemma, yes, it was a ‘house hunt wahala’.

You see, I’m someone who likes owning her space and though I’ve been staying with my parents since I finished my national youth service, I knew that I couldn’t continue to stay with them after I got a job.

No, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like staying with my parents; however, apart from the fact that I like my space, my parents’ place is very far from town. Now you get my point of view, right?

After several interviews with some companies, I got offers from two companies; and after much deliberation, I accepted the offer from a company based in Yaba.

Then my housing palava came staring me in the face. I had just 3 weeks before resumption and no one to squat with within the Yaba axis.

Get a house within three weeks! How could I achieve this? With all the troubles associated with getting a house in Lagos, the lies and deception of agents, etc…. My dad was really worried about the numerous scam agents parading the streets of Lagos, calling themselves ‘house agents’.

Luckily for me, a friend informed me about You needed to see how overjoyed I was when I visited their website and I saw how easy it is to get an accommodation. I mean, from the comfort of my phone, I can literally search for available houses based on the area I like, I can even get the house specs before requesting an inspection. What more can I ask for?

To cut the long story short, getting a house became much easier, and with the help of their agents, I was able to get a very nice accommodation within the Yaba axis with good security, water and power supply, thereby overcoming my ‘house hunt wahala’.

Many thanks to

Seriously, you need to check out their site for yourself.

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  1. Nice. I’ve checked the site already, but it seems they deal with Lagos only. I’m currently looking for an apartment in Ibadan but I didn’t get any option when I searched.
    The site is quite easy to navigate through though 👍

    1. Thanks dear 😄. I also tried searching for Ibadan, but couldn’t find any. Guess they are yet to extend to Ibadan.

  2. Cool. I should check this out too. Thanks for this.

  3. If “we” ever change base and move to Lagos, “we” too will check them out whenever we’re in need of a house…
    But I could always recommend the site to people nonetheless.

    1. Thanks örê. *We* right?

  4. That’s really nice… Things are getting easier with technology these days

    1. You got that right. Technology has really made things easier..

  5. Ojetunde Ifeoluwa Bukola says: Reply

    Waoh! that’s good for you. I should try that site out…

    1. Thanks dear. Yes, you should try out their site.

  6. A very creative write up.

    And the website is gonna meet several needs.

    A great idea!

    An awesome publicity!!

    1. Mucha gracias amigo…..😊👍

  7. Emmanuel Akins says: Reply

    Nice one. I looked up the site.

    1. Thanks a bunch bro.

  8. This is nyc

  9. It’ll be a cool concept for them to extend to other places in Nigeria, so that non-lagosians like ‘us’ will have some relief too. Enough of “waka – about ” on top searching for house

    1. You got that right sis. I believe that with time they’ll expand their database; even if not throughout Nigeria, at least across major cities. Mucha gracias

  10. This is really a nice write up. I did use ToLet during my house hunting and it greatly helped.

    1. Thanks sis. Really, that’s nice. Thank you for the feedback, have a beautiful week

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