I’m so busy!
I’m so almost getting this, can we talk about that later?
I’m tied up in this, I can’t come for that program for now.
I’m sorry, but I’m very busy right now.
These sayings are very popular amongst us people.

What is the essence of life?

We are so busy taking a course, preparing for exams, making ends meet, trying to get a promotion, applying for one masters or the other.

We are definitely ALWAYS busy.

Trust me, I’m not saying these things are bad.

But we keep pursing and chasing stuffs from one point to another and life just pass us by.
What then is the point of all the hustle?

Is life just meant for struggles? What do we do when the pressure gets beyond what we can bear?
Why are we so dead serious about getting multiple degrees?

Why do we go thru all the stress (and the cycle  just continues daily)?

Why the waking up at 4am and sleeping by 12am?
Why? Why? What is the essence of life struggles?

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