This Temptation

Oh this temptation, how it allures me and softly calls me to a place faraway.

My mind struggles against its grip, why is this temptation so great ( I wonder). Slowly my body begins to succumb, it sways softly to the rhythm of the temptation; but then I jerk up, I remember YIELD NOT TO TEMPTATION. I whisper to myself Yield Not but it responds Why Not? I struggle with my body until it begins to win.

Somehow my mind begins to remember my promise to be disciplined, how I had vowed not to yield to this temptation again. And then it begins to seep through, and this time my body listens to me. Together my mind and body fights this temptation and just as it was with David and Goliath, we win, the temptation has no choice but to flee (though it leaves with a promise to be back). I WON, I WON, I WON, my mind sang. The battle is won for now.

This temptation is a recurring one, it keeps coming back more armed and I have to keep finding ways to fend it off so as not to keep succumbing.

So what is this great enemy temptation? It is SLEEP, did you just see that: “SLEEP“. Yes, sleeping during church service especially my Bible Study on Monday Evenings. After a hectic day, I rush down to Bible Study only for this  temptation to come knocking. I used to overcome this by going to stand at the back, but this days it doesn’t even almost allow me to stand before firing at me.


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