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 A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous word stir up anger. Proverbs 15: 1

The power of a soft answer cannot be over-emphasized. Let me explain why.

There came a point in my life when I understood practically the essence of giving a soft answer in the midst of tumult and wrath.

So, a roommate of mine left the room without taking her keys along with her. Subsequently, I left for an engagement I had and locked the door, not without looking for her.

She was welcomed by a locked door and obviously stranded, she called me to get my whereabouts, unfortunately, I was unable to pick up her call.

She got through to my other roomie whom she yelled at as a means of transfer of aggression. She had done the same to others that crossed her part, and afterwards, she was a bit calm, though my portion was reserved for me.

Upon entry, I was welcomed with a mischievous smile from the one she had transferred aggression to earlier, and then the aggrieved lady made to charge at me.

I made to say a quick prayer and my immediate response was ‘I am sorry’. This short statement seemed as if I had poured cold water on a raging fire.

Yeah! To the crux of the matter.

You may not be the one that fuelled a fire, but you would do yourself a great deal of not getting burnt if you just say a simple “I’m sorry“.

I don’t know how it works, but I feel it works magic on the vexed party. It just serves as a soothing balm and a once raving storm becomes a calm sea.

In our world today, if people understood the power of a soft answer, the world would be a better place. There will be less hate, grudges and unforgiveness, people will leave peaceably one with another and the so many unthinkable things done in rage will be abated.

Whether or not you’re in the wrong, a simple word of “I’m sorry” will go far to restore peace and sanity.


A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.

Say a soft and soothing word today. It doesn’t hurt one bit.

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