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Hehehe, my people! Issa marriage something on the blog today. Adjust yourself and get ready for a nice read because I know that when you hear marriage, your ears and mind begins to look for signal.

What we will be sharing today are excerpts from Pastor Kumuyi’s message on ‘ A Godly Marriage And A Heavenly Minded Family’, as well as the October edition of the Christian women mirror titled ‘A Perfect Pattern- Ephesians 5: 21 -33’.

Adjust your gear and let us begin the journey on this important issue together. Are you ready?

Do you know that God is in the business of matchmaking? hahaha, see your ears all perked up already. Do you also know that He is the best matchmaker ever, and the person He matchmakes you with who is just the best for you, nothing more nothing less?

If you don’t know, let me gist you how.

haha, who else is planning to wear snickers at her reception?

After God created man, He realised that it would not be good if the man was all alone, merely in the companion of animals. That would have been a boring life for Adam, and God’s plan of multiplying the earth may not come fruition.

God, in His magnificent wisdom, decided to create another human being from one of Adam’s rib, and by the time God presented her to him, he immediately realised that this is the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. Gbam! no need to think twice. Is she, is she not?

In our dispensation, God doesn’t have to remove any man’s rib to create a woman for him. He just begins to join connecting dots between a man and woman to form a straight line of marriage.

You may begin to wonder how God in heaven up there begins to connect two people together and bring them together as couples. Well, know that God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, and He has His ways which are not our ways.

How then does He do it?

  • A strong impression in your heart inspired by the Holy Spirit that you can’t just resist.
  • You can just hear God’s audible voice saying ‘this is your…’
  • A deep love- not lust will just land in your heart for one person like this.
  • Divinely ordained circumstances,
  • You are free to add more in the comment section below.

All in all, it’s important you know how God speaks to you. At least you recognise the voice of your father. If you’re God’s child, then you must recognise his voice.

After the ‘ I do’, and ‘we are married today, tomorrow no more, we are married today, today and forever’, what next?


God expects that couples live together in love; unity and harmony, hence, a perfect pattern was established in Ephesians 5:21-33. Let’s take a look at the components together.

  1. Love: a deliberate effort to keep loving. John13:1
  2. Leave: leave past relationships. This doesn’t amount neglect, but your marriage is the top priority. Psalm 45:10,11
  3. Cleave: coming together as an inseparable couple. Genesis 2:24
  4. Nourish: let there be nourishment on every side; give words of encouragement. 1Timothy 4: 6
  5. Cherish: make your spouse a treasure. 1Thessalonians 2:7,8
  6. Submit: be submissive one to another.
  7. Reverence: remember, respect begets respect. Honour one another.

All in all, let Christ be at the centre of your marriage, for without Him, the above-listed things cannot work.

Bonus: If you are married, or not yet married but want to marry someday, I have something for you.

Guess what? Gary Chapman wrote a book titled ‘The Five Love Language‘. Biko, go and get it and READ it. It is awesome. I know because I have read it.

God bless your relationship and marriage.

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