Tangled – Part 1


Tangled is a short series that narrates the story of a Christian sister, Lizzy, trapped by lust and other strategies of the devil. She goes round and round for a long time, entangling herself. Did she triumph at last?

Well, you’ll know as soon as you start reading (smiles)


I’m a chorister in the church, he’s just a member. I try not to make it look common; at least, he’s a fervent member.

Let me explain how it happened.

I’ve been a member of this church for 15 years. I had joined at a young age, 10. How I joined is a story for another day.

But since I was ten, until four years ago, I have not been always around. From secondary school to university, I’ve been attending my church’s fellowship. Now that I’m done with school, I’m now settled at home.

I became a worker in my fellowship in school so, my membership was just transferred after I finished school.

It was just last year Brother Tobi joined our church. I can remember the first day I saw him. I think that was his second service with us.

We had just finished rehearsal 30 mins before the service started. Bro Bayo, the Choir Minister (CM), was coming back to the rehearsal room with Bro Tobi. I think they wanted to be alone. I was the only one in the rehearsal room. I had stayed back to learn a few things since I came a bit late for practice and I was the soloist.

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Bro Bayo was obviously not expecting anybody to be in the room, I noticed his countenance when he saw me. He looked at me and looked back at the Bro Tobi, whose face was still strange by then, then he looked back at me.

“Sister Lizzy, you’ve not left?” 

“No. I stayed back to rehearse a few lines.”

It’s no longer news that Bro Bayo and I are engaged. Everybody in the church looks up to us and they consider us “couple goals”. We’ve been engaged for three months now and I can say that Bro Bayo is a nice guy. I really can’t wait to build a home with him.

But who is this guy’s he’s bringing into the rehearsal room? He seemed unsettled when he saw me in the room.

I turned towards the new face. “Hi, good evening, I’m Lizzy.”

With a smirk on his face, “Good evening”, he stretched his hands to shake me, “I’m Tobi”.

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I received his hands and looked at him closely this time. I haven’t looked at him well since he entered with my fiance.

He’s some inches taller that Bayo.

He’s dark and bodily built. He wore a white tank top and grey joggers. It’s obvious he’s new. Nobody wears that to church here. He smiled. I noticed he has a great dentition and his teeth were white too. His lips were full but not too big and his eyes… His eyes…

He was looking me in the eyes and that was when I realised that I’ve been holding him for a few more seconds which was awkward.

“Oh! I’m sorry”, I smiled as I withdrew my hands. Embarrassed, I looked at Bro. Bayo to see if he noticed. Apparently, he was on a call. Phew!

“Seems like you’re new here”, I tried to cover up the awkwardness.

“Yes, it’s my second time here. Bro Bayo invited me.”

“Oh! That’s great! I hope you’re having a swell time and you’re enjoying our community?”

He shined his white teeth again and his eyes shrunk a bit. “Yes, everybody’s been good to me”.

“I’m happy they have.”

It was just then, Bro Bayo joined us and gently took an excuse that he needed to see Bro Tobi immediately. “We’ll talk later.” He waved me off.

“That’s my fiancee”, I heard him say as I shut the door behind me.


I found myself thinking about Tobi throughout that week. I don’t know why but I found him attractive and sexy.

“I rebuke you, Satan”, I always murmured anytime I thought of him but I won’t stop thinking of him.

It got to a point I started imagining his lips on mine and his hands wrapped around me. I imagined him whispering all sort of sweet things to me. He kissed me so hard that I wanted more and more. He started caressing my breasts in a soft, gentle manner. This was the first time, but I was so sure I was enjoying it.

“Lizzy!” he called.

“Hmm…” I moaned in response.

“Lizzy! Lizzy! Sister Lizzy! Wake up!”

I jerked up and turned to see it was Ronke, my best friend, that was calling me.

“Madam, what is it na?” I frowned, pissed at her for waking me up from that interesting moment.

But wait, why should I be having such dreams. Jesus! This is the devil’s strategy o. I need to do something about this.

I came back to my senses and all I heard is Ronke hiss while she stood up. Apparently, she had been ranting about how she’s been waking me up since.

Just then, I heard footsteps on the passage. I was sure it was not Ronke’s and there was nobody else in the lodge.

I stay in the lodge that was made for homeless members. It is a very big story building that the church built for us. We are housed and sometimes fed by the church.

Ronke is my roommate and best friend. I’ve known her since I was little. We went to the church’s secondary school together and university. Everybody calls us twins. After God, I love Ronke next.

Knock. Knock.

I was brought back to reality by the knock. Ronke just left and everybody in my wing was not around. They left to do prison visitation, so who could this be?

“Come in”, I shouted as I quickly tied a wrapper over my chest.

“Ah ahn! Bro Tobi, what are you doing here?!”


Watch out for part 2.

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