Hi peeps, long time no blog….look who went AWOL and is now back.

How have you guys been? Did anyone miss me? Well, I missed keeping in touch with y’all, so I’m here with an update post.

NEWS FLASH : I’m done with my service year (NYSC). *inserts dance steps*

Ex corper
We done did it

If you’ve been following my posts, I’m sure you’d have stumbled upon one or two posts on my NYSC experiences. Fortunately, I’ve successfully completed that phase of my life: the journey into that phase began a year ago, and came to a successful stop just last weekend.

So yeah, I’ve packed my bag and I’m back home now. The popular question at this phase that most ex-corpers are asked is: “After NYSC what next?”. If you complete your service year and you are not asked this question by at least one person. Then you have not served at all o.

Towards the end of the service year, many Corp members begin to worry or make plans for life after NYSC; the ones who are least affected by worries are those that already have a solid definition of what awaits them after NYSC: either they have a job already, someone to rely on, or a business to embark on.
However, many are not so fortunate, so they leave NYSC with the fear of the future very heavy on their mind.

After NYSC what next

Many people leave NYSC more confused about their life’s purpose than they went in to it while few leave NYSC with a clearer picture of who they are and what they want out of life.

Before going for my NYSC, I had many goals that I planned to achieve during my service year. However, due to the place I was posted to, I couldn’t achieve some of these goals but there were others that I was able to achieve. NYSC can either be a plus in getting you closer to purpose, it can also help you discover new passions or it can simply be a waste of time.

My personal take on NYSC is that it needs an overhaul: it shouldn’t be made compulsory, or people should be posted to companies relevant to their career paths.

After NYSC what next? The major answers to this question are: get a job, start a business, further your education, get married, in no particular order. For me, I have a fair idea of what I want to do with my life and one thing that I’m not allowing near my head or heart is fear. Even though things my not go as I planned, I’ve got grit, determination, experience, and God, so I’m not scared to face the future. I know who I am and who and what I’ve got, watch out for me ‘cos I’m ready to rock my world.

Watch out for me

So guys, that’s that on NYSC. You can read all my NYSC posts by clicking on NYSC under categories at the side or bottom of the website.

Don’t forget to live intentionally this year, and hope you’ve done your audit of the first quarter of the year. Happy Easter and have a great weekend ahead.

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