Lessons From The Movie: The Accountant

Earlier this month, the Mount Zion Faith Ministries released the movie: The Ignition on youtube for free, and it was really a great movie with important lessons to learn.

Just last week, The Accountant, another movie from Mount Zion Faith Ministries was released on YouTube.

I was opportune to watch it, and I decided to share with you some of the lessons I learnt from the movie.


The Accountant was well written and acted. The movie describes the story of a man; a christian accountant, faced with pressure at home and temptation at work, how he was able to handle life situations and the choices he had to make.

Lessons Learnt.

— The troubles of life should not draw you away from Christ, but rather draw you closer to Him.

— Do not give in to temptation, even in hard times.

— God sees all, and knows it all, even when He is quiet.

— Beware of false ministers who claim to have come with a message from God to you.

— Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

— Choose to stand for the right, even in the face of overwhelming pressure.

— When the storms of life seem to overwhelm me, still I’ll trust.

— The truth will always pay-off at the end.

Prayer Points.
— Lord, give me grace to conform to your will even when I’m under pressure.

— Lord, give me grace to never yield to temptation.

— Lord strengthen me,so that I can always stand for what is right.

— Lord, give me grace to trust even in times when I do not understand.

That look when God turns yourdisappointment to His Appointment 
The way you walk when you’re sure God’s gat your back. 

This movie is indeed a must see, especially for Christians working in various organizations.
It really typifies how God turns a disappointment to His Appointment.

I love the song, Adara,played at the end of the movie.

If you’ve not watched this movie yet, you can click on this link to watch it on YouTube. However, if you’ve watched it already, share with me in the comment section below, the lessons you gained.


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  • Deborah

    I have watched it, even though only recently, but I recommend it to friends almost immediately after recommending ‘The Ignition’.
    I feel my weakness as I wonder if I can stand resolute for as long as The Accountant did. One thing that film drove me to was a serious prayer for God’s grace.
    I liked the character of the sons, the first boy particularly. Loss has a way of bringing life into perspective. For a man who allows loss to overwhelm him, he losses more than he has just lost for he losses the chance to be comforted by our Father and receive double for his shame. I do not say this unfeelingly because I have dealt with loss too, but I have, through it all, learnt to allow God to comfort and encourage me.
    Nice write-up tho. May we have more?

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