Life is full of lessons, and we learn daily from the things life throw at us. This post is just me sharing some lessons I learnt from the things that I experienced on 31st of October, 2017.

Yeah! So my day started at 5 a.m when I was woken up with the request from my mum to escort my brother to the hospital. I had no choice but to heed the request.

Prior to that, I had made plans for the day: washing, reading up, writing et al. My plans were changed overnight, and it seemed as if all I set out to do would become a near impossibility. Aside from the above narrative, I was a little bit down as I had been having one funny headache for a while.

With all these, I still followed my brother to the hospital despite all the reasonable excuses I could have given to evade going.

Over to the lessons in this session.

Lesson 1: you may have to give up your plans just to help someone in need. It doesn’t hurt to help, we don’t necessarily have to be too rigid with our plans, let’s give room for some flexibility.

Lesson 2: rather than have every reason not to do what you have to do, have every reason to do what you have to do- I had every reason not to read what I had to read and write what I had to write, but I still did the things I had to do except washing( I got home late).

Lesson 3: you may have to be silent about your challenges while you are out helping a person in a challenge. You could save your challenge for later if it is not so serious.

Back to the story, On our way back, while on the bus, some people were really helpful, showing care in the little way they could, while another person was complaining that the window of the bus be opened because he (my brother) closed the window as he was feeling cold, while the complainant was complaining, this same people also defended him.

Lesson 4: there are people who still have good hearts and really care about you. It may not meet up to your expectation, but they try their best. Appreciate them.

Lesson 5: while carrying out some actions, weigh it side by side with those of others around you, don’t be selfish.

Continuing my story, the kind of care and support shown when we got to my mum’s place of work was welcoming. The one that drew my attention more was a fellow colleague that went the extra mile. I was touched. She put her needs aside to render assistance.

Lesson 6: the sacrifice you make for someone goes a long way, it is a mark you’ve made that cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

Concluding my story, while coming back home, I experienced a miracle. A very happy skater ran across the car, and it was a narrow escape as our vehicle would have hit him and it would have been a different story.

Remember the promise that says ‘I will guide thy going out and thy coming in’. That was exactly what happened.

Lesson 7: appropriate God’s promises in everything you do. Pray always; you never know the prayer that will save you.

Bonus: I was challenged by a friends action. He said one of the things he does is to help people in whatever way they need help provided he is in the position to help.

That was a challenge to me, and I throw that challenge to you – help in whatever way you can, it goes a long way to show you care. He actually proved it ‘cos he helped me with something, and it was awesome.

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