I am God's Favorite Girl, Who Are You?

Hello dear readers ??! It’s been a while, I’ve been so busy with life. Trust your life has been nothing short of amazing also.

Here’s a little something for you to hold on to as you go about life.

I didn’t plan to blog about this, but I feel like I should share it with you too.

As you all must know by now (and if you don’t know, you better know now), I am God’s favorite girl, *winks* and I take my spiritual life seriously. I also love to share about my faith on the blog, amongst other things.

At a program for my spiritual upliftment.

So yesterday as I was listening to Bible study, I just took time to muse and meditate on who I am, and this is what I came up with. Enjoy!!!

I am the righteousness of God
Through His holiness, I am made holy
My imperfections are made perfect by His perfect nature.

I am free
I am made true
I have been changed
I am redeemed.

His truth is revealed in me
His light shines through me
I am made in His image
I show forth His glory.

I know all things
‘Cos He holds the key to all knowledge
I am favored
‘Cos He opens the door and no one shuts.

He is my help
I do not beg
He is my shield
I am protected.

God loves you and He loves me too. He wants you and I to be in a close relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. He is interested in every details of our lives and He’s got lotta blessings in store for us.

Do you know who you are? We are nothing outside of God’s grace.

I’m walking in power.

Have you come to a realization of who you are in God? Share with me in the comment section below ?.

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