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Success Story Africa was lit! It was all shades of awesomeness.

In case you missed out on this life-changing event, don’t be sad, we got you covered, it’s our duty: if we don’t do it, who will?

So where do we start from?

Well, we gotta get started… Before I proceed, I’ll love to do a roll call of the phenomenal resource persons at the event, so that you can have an idea of the awesomeness I’m talking about: Olakunle Soriyan (CEO of Soriyan Company), John Obidi (Online Business Coach ), Shola Okubote (Founder, ), Dayo Adeneye(Commissioner of Information, Ogun State), Toyin Abraham (A star actor), Bovi Ugboma (Ace comedian), Evans Akano ( CEO, Cregital), and Kemi Filani (blogger).

Now we can proceed!

After the national anthem had been sung, and OAP Rufai Oseni gave deep insights on the national anthem, Isaac Oladipupo, convener of the event, delivered his opening speech.

Next up was a panel session consisting of John Obidi and Shola Okubote. During the panel session, some loaded missiles were being released,  let me explain this.

John Obidi, speaking about his background pointed out that the thing that serves as a limitation to a person is the same thing that serves as a push to another. He put it this way ” People respond to pressure differently”.

Moving further, he spoke about imbibing proper values, focusing on growth and the opportunities in social media. He stated that it is not about what you have, but what you do with what you have.

Shola Okubote speaking, stated that “whatever it is that you want is up to you”; however, it requires patience, self-development, and hard work, not just physical hard work, but the mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychological hard work you have to put in to achieve whatever it is that you want.

They did not also fail to share some values for entrepreneurs, which includes: focusing on growth i.e, bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be; productizing your knowledge; adding value in whatever it is that you do; as well as doing things that count for eternity.

Moving ahead, the keynote speech at the event delivered by Olakunle Soriyan was epic. It was a speech loaded with high intellectualism and a sound understanding of the need of the masses.

The depth of his words was so deep, I’ll try to share the best of his speech.

We need to accept our differences for what it is, we are not recognized by our similarity but by our differences

Principles are universal, experiences are peculiar; hence, while interacting with people, speak to them based on principles not based on your experience.

The moment you meet with a person, the first thing you should do under a second is to separate the content from the container- a person is represented by the container, while the content is who the person is. Move beyond the container to the content.

He also talked about offering quality in whatever one does, he said, “let society be grateful for your success”. Let not your value be nuisance value.

Dayo Adeneye shared some success tips, some of which are:

  • get an education,
  • have a game plan,
  • be an optimist,
  • be prepared to work smart
  • give back to the society.

He also went ahead to give some book recommendations- readers are leaders, so it is expected. The books are:

  • The Secret: Rhonda Dyrne
  • The Power: Rhonda Dyrne
  • How To Make Friends And Influence People
  • The Power Of Now: Ekhart Tolle
  • 48 Laws Of Power: Robert Green

His final words are:

Always find what society needs and bridge the gap. By helping others you are helping yourself.

Toyin Abraham shared with us her story and also made salient points. Bovi Ugboma came up after her and delivered great life principles, his session was followed by a panel session consisting Evans Akanno, Toyin Abraham and Kemi Filani.

Salient tips shared during these sessions has been summarized to:

  • Know and appreciate yourself
  • Don’t respond to negativity; feed your mind with positive things.
  • Be bold, people smell timidity from afar.
  • Clothe yourself with the garment of boldness.
  • Read: no knowledge is a waste.
  • Give -it could be a smile, words of encouragement, money etc.
  • Your location does not determine your impact: mindset is the key thing.
  • Try new things, upgrade yourself
  • Pray
  • Love yourself, be responsible too
  • Be patient with your skill
  • Don’t blame the world for your failures

In conclusion, one thing that virtually all the speakers made mention of is that nobody owes you anything, you owe yourself everything and if you want to succeed, it’s up to you.

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