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October 2, 2017

WordPress Lagos Meet-up || My 2nd Speaking Engagement In Lagos

The September edition of the WordPress Lagos Meet-up held on the 30th of September at Suru Express Hotel, GRA, Ikeja. It brought together would-be bloggers, bloggers, and developers.

It was a very interesting meet-up and September was my first time of attending the event and that as a speaker (yeah, it’s all about intentional living this year).

There were four speakers at the event that spoke on different issues:

1. Ronke Omorodion spoke on Security, Privacy and Legal Issues related to Online Presence. I got to the event a little late, so I didn’t get to hear her speak.

2. Kabolobari spoke on basic WordPress Development Workflow with Local. His talk was directed to WordPress developers on using Local by Flywheel as a tool for building WordPress websites and themes. He showed the advantage of using Local as a development tool in preference over XAMPP or WAMP.
It was really easy to build and I’m also going to give it a try even though I’m not a WordPress developer.

3. Esther Omikunle(aka Esthitude, your very girl 😊😊) spoke on Tips On How To Succeed As a New Blogger On The Block. It was an interesting section where I spoke on what it takes to be a blogger and keys issues to take into consideration such consistency, networking, SEO, social media marketing, growth, useful tools for bloggers, etc. I had fun handling this session.
If you need my slides, drop your email in the comment section and you just might get it 😀😊

4. Olusola Adeoti spoke on Introduction to WordPress. A key takeaway for me from his section was hosting. I’ve been looking at self hosting the blog and I’ve been considering what hosting platform to use.
This issue was really addressed at the meet-up and I’m glad I was there.


The WordPress Lagos meet-up really made my weekend; I spoke, learned, networked and made new friends. The testimony from folks about my presentation also made me happy.

Kudos to the organizers, they did a great job.

Like I mentioned in this post, networking is key if you’re looking to grow.

How was your weekend? Did you attend any event? How did you spend the Independence* day?

Share with me in the comment section.

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Independence Day* – yesterday was Nigeria’s 57th Independence Day, click on this link to read what I wrote about Nigeria’s Independence last year.


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Esther Omikunle
Esther Omikunle
Esther Omikunle (Esthitude) is a software developer, content creator, speaker and influencer. She is a passionate about impacting lives, making a difference, and adding value. She considers herself to be God's favorite girl and like to write about general things, faith, travel, music, food and more.


13 thoughts on “WordPress Lagos Meet-up || My 2nd Speaking Engagement In Lagos

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    This is beautiful. We all had a great time, your presentation was great too, it was a pleasure to meet you in person. Thank you.

      Author’s gravatar

      Thank you Mary, it was great meeting you too. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Author’s gravatar

    eeehn… I need slide, audio and transcript….Hope I will able to afford it. 🙂 Great great job from you, other speakers and the organisers. I see something great coming from this community based on the number of WordPress blogs in Nigeria and beyond.

      Author’s gravatar

      Thank you Johnson…Lols to the slide, audio and transcript…kindly drop your email address

    Author’s gravatar

    Great work Esther.

    Keep it up. Greater heights.

    How do I network with you? 😀😀

      Author’s gravatar

      Amen Thank you very much. To network with me, just ask for my akant number😀😀

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    Really nice, I’d love to have the slides

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    Great work Esther, keep it up.

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