A Message in the Storm

Life is not a bed of roses, a popular saying goes. There will always be stormy times in life.

How many times have you passed through a stormy situation and you just wonder if God is still there? How many times have life challenges almost brought you to your feet?

Well, here is my take: There is a message in the storm, there is a lesson to learn. There is a calmness through the storm. There are places we cannot reach except on the wings of troubles or calamity.


We all must have passed through one stormy day or another. Days that we are so downcast and stressed that we don’t even want to pretend to be fine; days that we are so worried about what next, what next, and what next; days that everything just seems not to be working .

I remember a particular day, my friends were calling to ask where I was, they didn’t know where I went to. Where are you, they asked? And I was just somewhere frustrated and stuck. In the midst of all the chaos, a message entered my phone and I wondered what the point in checking it out was. I’ll do that later, I said to myself. So I sought out a place to be alone and cry out to God in my heart, yet the storm would not just go away.

Later, when I decided to check the message that was sent to me, it was such a balm  to my mind. I wondered, how the sender could have known what I was passing through as to send the message at that exact point when I needed it. It so eased my mind, that though it didn’t exactly solve the problem, it brought peace and calm assurance to my soul. I’m sure you can somehow relate to this scenario.

This write-up may not be well-structured and all that, but inasmuch as you faithfully read through to this point, I want you to know that there is a good side to every (or most) trouble that may come your way.

Whether it be financial, spiritual, career ( just name it). There are some attributes like resilience, patience, long suffering, etc. that we’ll never have except when faced with troubles or calamity. There are some people you would never have met, some heights you would never had attained if not for the storms. Remember, the Israelites would never have known what it felt like to walk on dry ground in the midst of a great sea, if they had not been between the sea and the host of the Egyptians, even Jesus said in this world we would face troubles and trials, but we should cheer up because He has overcome the world.

So next time you are faced with a cloudy day, look out for the silver lining.

It is well
           Always remember


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